About The Chef's Table

Looking for a unique way to entertain your family, friends, co-workers, or to celebrate a special occasion?

Chef Krista Van Wagner will design an unforgettable “Hands-On” culinary learning and dining experience.

Enjoy laughter and bonding with your guests, as Chef Krista prepares your meal with you! Chef Krista designs your menu, creates recipes, shops for groceries, and works with your guests individually on proper knife skills and various cooking techniques. Finally, you and your guests enjoy the collaborative meal together around the "Chef's Table.”

  • Pick a date and invite your guests (minimum of 10)
  • The day of your dinner, prepare the work area and set your table, or take advantage of Chef Krista's Culinary Stuido at the *Complete Wellness Center (*space rental $40/hr + $30 clean up fee)
  • For more information or to reserve your event, email Chef Krista Van Wagner at Krista@JerkSauce.com